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Sunday Wishlist – Super Thursday

For this week’s Wishlist, I’ve compiled a Christmas Gift Guide which will hopefully come in handy when buying presents for fussy family members! Topically, these books were released on Super Thursday, so if you pop down to a bookshop soon they should all be in stock. Sadly, ‘15% fewer books were bought as Christmas presents in 2013 than a year earlier’, but I think books make a truly perfect present. You might be thinking that it’s much too early to be thinking about Christmas, but I wanted to demonstrate the main purpose of Super Thursday, and show how the vast majority of the new releases are published at this time with the target audience of the Christmas shopper in mind. Continue reading

Super Thursday

For many, this Thursday marks the start of Christmas shopping. It’s Super Thursday, the day of release for most books in the running to becoming Christmas bestsellers. Haven’t heard of Super Thursday before? It’s no surprise, as the day was only given its label recently, after the editor of the Bookseller, Philip Jones, noticed the ‘Thursdays-in-October trend in 2008’. It is a ‘new phenomenon’, as publishers and booksellers jump on the success of other named days within retail like ‘Black Friday’, in the hope that a buzz will form around the day and people will rush to the bookshops. Continue reading