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The Kindle Owner’s Lending Library

There is lots of discussion about Amazon, the publisher, and the author. It is generally thought that Amazon is not fair to the publisher or the author but by being unfair, monopolising competition, and underpaying the author, Amazon is great to the customer, and can provide products at a low cost because of this. I find it unusual, therefore, that the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library is a service which, in my opinion, sounds like a good idea but just fails to deliver. Continue reading

Harry Potter Book Night

Bloomsbury is reaching out to libraries, bookshops, and schools, asking them to join in on the new Harry Potter Book Night on the 5th February next year. You can even get involved and host a Harry Potter night in your own home! You can register here before Friday 28th November to get a free kit to help host a party. The kit ‘includes invitation templates, an event poster, games, activities and quizzes’ and is a great way to inject more fun into reading books. Continue reading