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The cookbook vs. YouTube

Photo of Jamie OliverYesterday I hope I demonstrated that cookbooks continue to be successful products for publishing houses and dominate the bestselling hardbacks chart, despite challenges from recipe websites and TV. In today’s post, I’m thinking about how the recipe book can compete with YouTube, and what the competition might mean for the future of the print publication of the cookbook. Continue reading

The cookbook vs. the recipe website

It is often repeated that the publishing house looks for innovation, but actually is unlikely to publish a product that is entirely new. Publishers prefer the tried and tested method, and do not want to risk publishing something that will not sell well enough or lead to a financial loss. I believe that a great way to understand and critique this process within publishing is through the analysis of the development of the cookery book. Throughout history, the cookery book has been able to adapt to subtle changes in audience and big developments in technology. Most recently, recipe books have developed into TV programmes, which have turned into YouTube channels, thus proving their versatile nature and ability to be moulded to fit new formats. Continue reading