Harry Potter Book Night

Bloomsbury is reaching out to libraries, bookshops, and schools, asking them to join in on the new Harry Potter Book Night on the 5th February next year. You can even get involved and host a Harry Potter night in your own home! You can register here before Friday 28th November to get a free kit to help host a party. The kit ‘includes invitation templates, an event poster, games, activities and quizzes’ and is a great way to inject more fun into reading books.

The Book Night should appeal to a wide range of people. Emma Hopkin, managing director at Bloomsbury Children’s Books, says, ‘Following some in-depth market research, we decided a moment in the book calendar year to celebrate Harry would reawaken the excitement of the midnight openings which were such a mark of the original publications.’ Personally, I’m not one of the many Harry Potter readers who are still keen on the series as an adult. I loved Harry Potter as a child but drifted away from the series as I got older and never finished it, though I often contemplate finishing the books now. I remember the Waterstones midnight releases well and with great fondness, and I don’t think any children’s book releases have recently managed to gain such fanatic readers. Recreating the events can only be a good thing in my mind, allowing parents and young adults to reminisce, and encouraging a younger generation of readers to grow up with Harry Potter.

I’m particularly excited for the public events in London, as one panel event is sHarry-Potteraid to be featuring ‘the great and the good of the publishing world.’ I also think that the Book Night could be really great for libraries who choose to hold a Harry Potter party. It might hopefully encourage people to think of libraries as a place to visit to be surrounded by books and book lovers, rather than a place to just nip in and grab a book from, or a place to be shunned completely.

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