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YA fiction and oversexualisation

Yesterday, Young Adult fiction author Sarah McCarry exclusively shared the cover for her upcoming novel, About a Girl, with MTV. The cover features two girls kissing, and MTV believe that ‘images like this need to become the norm’. I think images like that are already the norm, and teens especially seem to be becoming more accepting of people’s sexual preferences. However, I don’t think that kissing needs to feature on a book cover. Continue reading

A response to Matthew Yglesias

Matthew Yglesias posted aImage of Amazon logo powerful article on his website, Vox, on Wednesday in which he attacks book publishers. His argument is very clear and one sided to an extreme, with strong subheaders like ‘Publishers are superfluous’, and ‘Book publishers are terrible at marketing’. Yglesias’ article, in my opinion, fails in many areas. To a reader with knowledge of the publishing industry, there are lots of inaccuracies in what he says, and to a reader without knowledge, the article seems to be too biased to be credible. Continue reading

Penguin’s Little Black Classics

I’m rather (prematurely) excited about Penguin’s upcoming range of Little Black Classics. A bookish take on the Little Black Dress, Penguin are creating a set of 80 books with no more than 64 pages each to celebrate its 80th birthday. Each book is short enough to read in one sitting, just like an LBD might be worn for a few hours in the evening. The books are priced at just 80p each, and, as each book has a sequence number on the front, I can imagine that they also expect loyal customers to buy the whole range as a set. Continue reading